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#LeadWellHealthcare Conferences
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Lead Well into Health initiative, series of healthcare conferences based in and around the Midlands area over a two year period. The aims of lead well…
#ThoughtDiversityHealthcare Conferences
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The purpose of this event is to stimulate a conversation, which develops our collective thinking and action on 'thought diversity', its potential cont…
#AOPA15Healthcare Conferences
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The Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association (AOPA) presents it's 5th annual Congress. Held in Adelaide, South Australia, with key-note speaker Prof…
#MapiSocialHealthcare Conferences
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Mapi Group will be hosting a fun-filled social event for clients and attendees who have RSVP'ed ahead of time @ DIA EU 2016 - Join our experts!
#behchange16Healthcare Conferences
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During 2016 there will be a series of free events as part of Behaviour Change Festivals to share the research, theory and practical application of Beh…
#serviceimprHealthcare Conferences
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The aims of this master class are to introduce the participants to the key concepts, principles and benefits of Service Innovation and Improvement for…
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#sgp2014Healthcare Conferences
The Sharing Good Practice Festival at the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust showcases the breadth of projects being undertaken across …

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