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#ChapCareChatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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General medicine, health education and public health chat.
#CSIPWessex18Healthcare Conferences
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Health Education England (Wessex) and the Wessex Patient Safety Collaborative are pleased to announce the date for their 3rd Wessex Safety, Quality an…
#amee2015Healthcare Conferences
The AMEE 2015 Conference, at SECC, Glasgow, UK, is an opportunity for all with an interest in medical and health professions education to meet to hear…
#ICH2018Healthcare Conferences
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Join international healthcare communication researchers, educators, leaders, interprofessional practitioners and patients for our next International S…
#U21HSHealthcare Conferences
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University College Dublin (UCD) will host the 2013 Universitas 21 (U21) Health Sciences Annual Meeting on 2-6 September, 2013.
#DAAC16Healthcare Conferences
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This three-day scientific conference offers attendees a comprehensive curriculum focused on surgery, anesthesia and critical care. All health care pro…
#amee2013Healthcare Conferences
AMEE 2013 will be in Prague. The AMEE annual conference is the key meeting for all involved in medical and healthcare professions education including…
#AHEC2016Healthcare Conferences
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The theme for the 2016 NAO Conference is "AHEC On The Hill: A Capitol Idea" which certainly could not be more timely and opportune for our national AH…
#AMEE2014Healthcare Conferences
The AMEE Conference, in Milan, Italy, is an opportunity for all with an interest in medical and health professions education to meet to hear about wha…

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