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#LeadWellHealthcare Conferences
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Lead Well into Health initiative, series of healthcare conferences based in and around the Midlands area over a two year period. The aims of lead well…
#HAPS2020Healthcare Conferences
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HAPS is an inclusive organization, and that inclusiveness is a hallmark of the annual conference. First-timers are welcomed, celebrated and treated w…
#ICH2018Healthcare Conferences
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Join international healthcare communication researchers, educators, leaders, interprofessional practitioners and patients for our next International S…
#ASMMIRT2016Healthcare Conferences
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11th Annual Scientific Meeting of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy, 22-24 April 2016 in Brisbane, Australia. ASMMIRT is Australasia’s leading c…
#ECER2016Healthcare Conferences
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The 2016 ECER Conference will build upon the groups strong foundation of leadership as we move forward to address the increased demands of healthcare …
#ICSC8Healthcare Conferences
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The theme for the Eighth conference is “Conversations”; including conversations with patients, conversations with and for learners, conversations …
#ExtremeSimHealthcare Conferences
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The Simulation Summit is the Royal College's annual conference on simulation in health care education. Its aim is to provide health practitioners with…
#epilepsy16Healthcare Conferences
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Learn what to emphasize on when conducting a focused interview in order to identify the relevant features and whenever available, the clinical phenome…
#OttawaAssessment2020Healthcare Conferences
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Ottawa 2020 provides the opportunity for all involved in the assessment of competence of medical and healthcare personnel from around the world to net…

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