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#WIHIHealthcare Tweet Chats
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WIHI is an exciting "talk show" program from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. WIHI is free, timely, and designed to help dedicated legions of…
#quality2016Healthcare Conferences
International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare
12th April 2016 – 15th April 2016
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Over four inspirational days in Gothenburg (Sweden), 12-15 April 2016, the International Forum will again connect over 3,200 healthcare leaders and p…
#CoDesignCollegeHealthcare Conferences
IHI's Co-Design College
4th April 2017 – 5th April 2017
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After spending just two days with IHI and our expert faculty, you will walk away with a new skill set and the competency to both teach and champion hu…
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#rcpeSolutionsHealthcare Conferences
RCPE Symposium: Life as a Consultant: Potential Challenges and Practical Solutions
21st June 2017
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RCPE Symposium: Life as a Consultant: Potential Challenges and Practical Solutions 21 June 2017 he Recently Appointed Consultant’s Committee annual …
#SAPhealthHealthcare Conferences
SAP Personalized Medicine Symposium
14th October 2015
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The SAP Personalized Medicine Symposium will be held on Wednesday, October 14 at SAP’s Palo Alto campus in California. SAP CEO, Bill McDermott along…
#PhxChatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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The Associated Medical Services Phoenix Project is dedicated to resurrecting caring in healthcare, rebalancing human compassion & technical expert…
#LDCOP15Healthcare Conferences
Making Reasonable Adjustments during Learning Disability Week 2015
17th June 2015
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The Kent and Medway Learning Disability Community of Practice's third annual conference at Chatham Maritime focussing on delivering person centred car…
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