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#WIHIHealthcare Tweet Chats
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WIHI is an exciting "talk show" program from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. WIHI is free, timely, and designed to help dedicated legions of…
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#PCdesign18Healthcare Conferences
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Day to explore practical examples of how design can be used to develop services that really matter to people
#WeChose2ClimbHealthcare Conferences
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An International gathering exploring the local and global challenges of extending greater choice and control for people over their lives. health and w…
#CenteringCare22Healthcare Conferences
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Putting Care at the Center 2022 is this year’s annual conference on complex care in America. From September 21-23 in Sacramento, CA, attendees will …
#PhxChatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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The Associated Medical Services Phoenix Project is dedicated to resurrecting caring in healthcare, rebalancing human compassion & technical expert…
#ACFALLS2018Healthcare Tweet Chats
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Networking day to Report on the findings from a series of case studies undertaken with boards to explore the factors contributing to successes in prev…
#LDCOP15Healthcare Conferences
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The Kent and Medway Learning Disability Community of Practice's third annual conference at Chatham Maritime focussing on delivering person centred car…
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