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#theEoSCHealthcare Tweet Chats
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The Essentials of Safe Care is a practical package of evidence-based guidance and support that enables Scotland’s health and social care system to d…
#spspmh15Healthcare Conferences
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3rd running of the SPSP MH regional learning sessions
#qiforboardmembersHealthcare Conferences
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#ADTC16Healthcare Conferences
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Bringing together clinicians, academics, health and social care practitioners, patients and public partners to share learning on reducing unwarranted …
#ihubfrailtyHealthcare Conferences
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#HISresearch2015Healthcare Conferences
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Healthcare Improvement Scotland 3rd annual research symposium
#NHSScot21Healthcare Conferences
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The annual NHS Scotland Event is the leading health and care event in Scotland. It continues to be the ‘premier meeting place’ for those committed…

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