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#ADTC16Healthcare Conferences
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Bringing together clinicians, academics, health and social care practitioners, patients and public partners to share learning on reducing unwarranted …
#ihubfrailtyHealthcare Conferences
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#HISresearch2015Healthcare Conferences
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Healthcare Improvement Scotland 3rd annual research symposium
#CforIHealthcare Conferences
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A two day event on 17th & 18th March 2015 for Improving Care for Older People in acute care and Focus on Dementia programmes to demonstrate high q…
#transformdeliriumHealthcare Conferences
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 A one day event for the Scottish Delirium Association and the Improving Care for Older People in acute care programme to demonstrate high quality ca…
#opac3Healthcare Conferences
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One day event to focus on improving care for older people in acute care to include quality improvement in delirium and frailty.
#DPLS15Healthcare Conferences
Aims: Understand NHSScotland’s aims in reducing harm and mortality for people in acute care. Generate ideas for improvement by sharing learning on r…

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