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#ahpscotHealthcare Conferences
The #AHPScot Conference was an opportunity for allied health professionals to meet up and share best practice, current research and strategic directio…
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#NESSME2014Healthcare Conferences
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The NHS Education for Scotland Medical Conference 2014
#ADTC16Healthcare Conferences
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Bringing together clinicians, academics, health and social care practitioners, patients and public partners to share learning on reducing unwarranted …
#SICSAGHealthcare Conferences
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The SICSAG/SCCTG Combined Meeting is hosted by the Scottish intensive Care Society. It brings together speakers from Scotland and beyond, presenting t…
#ACPLaunchHealthcare Conferences
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This event marks a significant milestone with the launch of the National ACP documents and the ACP app and will also showcase tests of change and exem…
#opac2Healthcare Conferences
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Improvement event to improve the care of older people in Scotland
#nhsscot17Healthcare Conferences
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Held annually across two days, the NHSScotland Event is a key networking and educational event. Now in its 12th year, the Event continues to be the pr…
#hiscotHealthcare Conferences
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Health Informatics Scotland Conference Our conference this year is on Monday 12th September and Tuesday 13th September 2011 in the fantastic venue of …

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