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#SMACCHealthcare Conferences
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Social Media and Critical Care Conference in Sydney 2019.
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#HMIVirtualHealthcare Conferences
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This Harvard Macy Institute modular program supports health care professionals and educators as they adapt new technologies and approaches into the le…
#IAP2022Healthcare Conferences
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Australasian Division of the International Academy of Pathology we are delighted to welcome you all to IAP 2022, to be held in Sydney, Australia, from…
#NCHCMMHealthcare Conferences
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This conference brings together individuals representing academia, public health researchers and practitioners from federal and state government and t…
#COSMO21Healthcare Conferences
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The focus will be the use of social media in oncology through didactic lectures, panel discussions, and engagement of the entire audience. Topics will…
#ANIS19Healthcare Conferences
Congreso de la Asociación Nacional de Informadores de la salud
#HarvardWritersHealthcare Conferences
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A special program for healthcare professionals who want to advance their communication skills or get published. This unique 3-day course empowers phy…
#ElfinCambridgeHealthcare Conferences
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A talk by the Mental Elf (André Tomlin) which will focus on the difficulties that we all face in keeping up to date with reliable health research and…

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