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#PaisaPadHealthcare Conferences
PaisaPad platform fosters an environment where users can freely share their thoughts, ideas, and creativity without being subject to censorship or amb…
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#SoMePsychHealthcare Conferences
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This one day event will discuss the principal aspects of the growing social media industry, from its impact on mental wellbeing through to new ways of…
#SMACCHealthcare Conferences
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Social Media and Critical Care Conference in Sydney 2019.
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#LexPodcastHealthcare Conferences
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The Podcasting Course is the first ever course dedicated to medical education podcast production – by podcasters – for podcasters.
#HealthSoMeHealthcare Conferences
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This is a masterclass for healthcare and comms professionals, to explore social media in health – on an individual and organisational level. The wor…
#COSMO21Healthcare Conferences
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The focus will be the use of social media in oncology through didactic lectures, panel discussions, and engagement of the entire audience. Topics will…
#ElfinCambridgeHealthcare Conferences
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A talk by the Mental Elf (André Tomlin) which will focus on the difficulties that we all face in keeping up to date with reliable health research and…

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