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#ResusCon17Healthcare Conferences
The Resuscitation Congress
2nd February 2017 – 3rd February 2017
First national Congress on Resuscitation and Critical Care, joining together resuscitationists, intensivists, emergency physicians, cardiologists, ane…
#PICS2016Healthcare Conferences
30th Annual Paediatric Intensive Care Society Conference
3rd October 2016 – 5th October 2016
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The PICU team at Southampton is excited about hosting the 30th PICS UK Annual Meeting. The venue is very comfortable and a great ‘stage’ for our s…
#IFAD2017Healthcare Conferences
6th International Fluid Academy
23rd November 2017 – 25th November 2017
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A concise but complete 3 day meeting on fluid management (resuscitation, replacement, maintenance) and organ function monitoring in the critically ill…
#savealifescotHealthcare Conferences
Save a Life for Scotland
16th October 2015
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National event launching the public face of Scotland's strategy for Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
#emcritconfHealthcare Conferences
EMCrit ISMMS ED Critical Care Conference
8th January 2014
The largest free EM Critical Care Conference in the USA
#IFAD2015Healthcare Conferences
5th Anniversary International Fluid Academy Days (IFAD)
26th November 2015 – 28th November 2015
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A neglected topic for way too long, the interest in fluid therapy seems to be quickly rising as the medical community is making a shift from looking a…

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