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#ArtsOnPrescriptionHealthcare Conferences
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A one-day collaborative conference supported by the Wellcome Trust, the UKRI MARCH Network, the Social Prescribing Network and the Royal Society for P…
#SMACCHealthcare Conferences
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Social Media and Critical Care Conference in Sydney 2019.
#NetworkMARCHshowcaseHealthcare Conferences
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Join us online on Wednesday 13 October to celebrate and showcase the work of the MARCH Mental Health Network. The MARCH Network set out to transfor…
#ShiftingTheNarrativeHealthcare Conferences
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The ESRC Centre for Society and Mental Health (CSMH) will be holding its inaugural annual conference on the 23rd – 25th March 2021.
#IENE4Conf16Healthcare Conferences
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Middlesex University London, will host the one day conference ‘Promoting Culturally Competent and Compassionate Leadership for Nurses and Other Heal…
#ETNAConf17Healthcare Conferences
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Odense in Denmark welcomes the 5th conference of the European Transcultural Nursing Association on the 19-20 of June 2017. The conference will focus o…
#ETNA2020Healthcare Conferences
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This is the 7th International ETNA conference. Our motto for all our conferences has always been to have fun whilst learning. The ETNA standards have …
#EMFutureNHSHealthcare Conferences
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Innovative thinking is imperative to the way we begin to address current challenges facing the NHS. This event, which is brought to you by the East Mi…
#PSAW18Healthcare Tweet Chats
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How can those in health care create a safety culture? How can such a culture thrive? What can patients and families do to influence the culture of the…

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