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#CreatingSpaceHealthcare Conferences
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Creating Space is an annual meeting exploring the evolving use of arts, humanities and social sciences (AHSS) in healthcare education. Creating Space …
#ArtsOnPrescriptionHealthcare Conferences
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A one-day collaborative conference supported by the Wellcome Trust, the UKRI MARCH Network, the Social Prescribing Network and the Royal Society for P…
#participatoryscienceHealthcare Conferences
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TEDxBrussels is a brain spa, where arts, science, innovation meet Event · Arts & Entertainment · Adult Education
#NetworkMARCHHealthcare Conferences
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The launch of the new MARCH Network at the Royal Society for Public Health in London. One of the eight UKRI #MentalHealthNetworks led by UCL Behaviour…
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#NEGM20Healthcare Conferences
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Graphic Medicine is a genre, a field, a tool, a community, and a cause. It is large enough to accommodate all health and medical experiences, from tha…
#artscape2014Healthcare Conferences
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Artscape is America's largest free arts festival, attracting 350,000+ attendees over three days. Artscape features fine artists and craftspeople and p…
#ArtsMeetsHealthHealthcare Conferences
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Arts Meets Health is an event exploring the intersection between the creative arts and student mental health.
#criticalvoices15Healthcare Conferences
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critical Voices seeks to understand medicine and health, not just as science, but as subjects which demand ethical judgements, empathy and wisdom. It …

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