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#ChampionsOfChangeHealthcare Conferences
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"Today, to mark six months of progress to advance the PMI, the White House is hosting a Champions of Change event honoring extraordinary patients, res…
#SHCRHealthcare Tweet Chats
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This is a weekly chat to discuss and share learning, experiences and reflections relating to our learning in the School for Health and Care Radicals w…
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#SpreadAcademyHealthcare Conferences
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Four day programme helping over 80 professionals to unleash large-scale change.
#PartneringForChangeHealthcare Conferences
How can communities come together to partner for change? How are successful partnerships established? How are they nurtured and strengthened? How c…
#involveNHSHealthcare Conferences
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Health services in the UK are going through a significant period of change as they gear up to meeting the needs of our 21st Century population. The W…
#IHMNI2012Healthcare Conferences
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Turning the Tide’, the theme of our 2012 conference, reflects the challenging agenda facing leaders in all areas of health and social care in N…
#ChangeathonHealthcare Conferences
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On NHS Change Day, 11 March 2015, NHS Improving Quality is running a 12-hour Changeathon — a 7am to 7pm live broadcast, fully conferenced event for …
#NNF2017Healthcare Conferences
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The National Nursing Forum (NNF) is the Australian College of Nursing’s signature annual leadership and educational event bringing together nurses, …

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