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#AIcommunityHealthcare Conferences
AI Community in NHS on how to share best practice.
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#healthcareAIHealthcare Tweet Chats
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A virtual conversation on a regular basis by a community of people working in the NHS and Social Care around the use of AI. Sharing and learning from …
#ISAmIHealthcare Conferences
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4th International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence University of Salamanca (Spain) 22nd-24th May, 2013 http://isami.usal.esAmbient Intelligence (AmI)…
#QureatRSNA23Healthcare Conferences
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#RadAIchatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Monthly tweetchat on artificial intelligence in radiology conducted by that Radiology: Artificial Intelligence journal
#xmedHealthcare Conferences
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Exponential Medicine is a unique and intensive four-day experience that gathers world-class faculty, innovators and organizations from across the biom…

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