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#HealthSoMeHealthcare Conferences
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This is a masterclass for healthcare and comms professionals, to explore social media in health – on an individual and organisational level. The wor…
#sec15Healthcare Conferences
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Congreso anual de la Sociedad Española de Cardiologia. Cardiovascular Diseases National Conference of the Spanish Society of Cardiology. Organised by…
#BrandHITHealthcare Conferences
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Join peers and bring your team as you get up close to your target market and zero in on the content and engagement strategies that move the dial and m…
#SEORTuitHealthcare Conferences
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DIGITAL COMPETENCES OF THE 21st CENTURY RADIOONCOLOGIST Why have social networks? Uses to learn and connect. Identity and professional attitude in pro…
#AAMCJtMtgHealthcare Conferences
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The 2013 Joint Gathering of the Council of Deans (COD), Council of Teaching Hospitals (COTH)/Chief Medical Officers Group (CMOG), and Group on Faculty…
#HarvardWriters2018Healthcare Conferences
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CME conference sponsored by Harvard Medical School for physicians and other healthcare professionals who are interested in publishing books, articles …
#PHM2013Healthcare Conferences
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The largest gathering of pediatric hospitalists annually, and the 10 year anniversary! Pediatric hospitalists provide leadership in the care of ped…
#impact80Healthcare Conferences
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CareNovate Magazine presents the first virtual caregiving & women's health summit on February 11th, 2014 entitled IMPACT80 Summit: A Global I…

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