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#electiverecoveryHealthcare Conferences
This conference focuses on elective surgical caseload and post recovery. The challenge of current waiting lists for elective procedures is clear, the …
#kfcommunityHealthcare Conferences
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Community health care services: what does good look like? 26 March 2015 | The King's Fund, London. This conference will showcase best practice across …
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#NCAHQ2018Healthcare Conferences
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NC Association for Healthcare Quality, 2018 Annual Education Conference. The New Quality Horizon: Driving Tomorrow's Success navigating fresh approac…
#NNBA2019Healthcare Conferences
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This Conference is designed for nurses who are thinking about starting a business, those already in business, and those looking for career alternative…
#CMSA2019Healthcare Conferences
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CMSA's Annual Conference & Expo offers a high-powered mix of diverse education sessions, leading industry experts and valuable networking opportun…
#CBC19Healthcare Conferences
The Case-based Conference brings together consultants, next generation rheumatologists and other members of the MDT to share and exchange clinical bes…
#compellingcasesHealthcare Tweet Chats
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#CompellingCases connects #healthcare professionals around the world as they share and discuss interesting #clinical cases from every specialty. Hoste…

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