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#CochraneLondonHealthcare Conferences
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The Cochrane Colloquium is an event which will bring people together from around the world to discuss research into important global health questions …
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For participants of the UK Cochrane Centre's Social Media Roadshow. To encourage use of social media, offer an advice, for people to ask questions abo…
#CE3UHealthcare Conferences
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Cochrane UK & Ireland Annual Symposium 2014 will be held in Manchester on the 23rd - 24th April. The theme of the event is 'Cochrane evidence…
#cochraneauthorHealthcare Tweet Chats
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#cochraneauthor is a one-hour Twitter chat focusing on topics of interest to the Cochrane author community. It is scheduled to happen once a month, an…
#cochraneadvocateHealthcare Conferences
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The regional Cochrane symposium for the UK & Ireland will be held in Dublin. This year's theme is 'advocating for evidence'. You can visit the con…
#CochraneBhamHealthcare Conferences
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The Cochrane UK & Ireland Symposium is held every year and is for anyone interested in learning more about evidence-based healthcare! The 2016 sy…
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#CochraneTLGHealthcare Conferences
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Each year, Cochrane UK organizes an annual symposium for all our networks, including UK- & Ireland-based Cochrane contributors, researchers, healt…

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