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#works4healthHealthcare Tweet Chats
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As a part of the June 2016 Community Preventive Services Task Force Meeting, The Community Guide will host its first #works4health Twitter chat to pro…
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#ReunionRCIb2022Healthcare Conferences
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XVIII Reunión de la Red Cochrane Iberoamericana y 25.º aniversario del Centro Cochrane. Impulso y aplicación del pensamiento crítico en Medicina: …
#ebmNAMHealthcare Conferences
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Well conducted, up to date systematic reviews provide best evidence to answer healthcare questions and research synthesis has become a research discip…
#CUEmtg16Healthcare Conferences
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Consumers United For Evidence-Based Healthcare (CUE) provides a central place for its member organizations to exchange information and learn about rel…
#CochraneLondonHealthcare Conferences
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The Cochrane Colloquium is an event which will bring people together from around the world to discuss research into important global health questions …
#cochranequebecHealthcare Conferences
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21st Cochrane Colloquium, 19-23 Sept 2013, Quebec City, Canada. The 2013 Colloquium focuses on the topic of 'Better Knowledge for Better Health&#…
#healthlibaustHealthcare Tweet Chats
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HealthLibAust is Health Libraries Australia (ALIA) monthly twitter chat. We talk about issues in hospitals, medicine, teaching, ebm and other topics.

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