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#WhereBestNextHealthcare Tweet Chats
#nursedischargeHealthcare Conferences
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Discharge planning is at the core of indicators for successful Hospital. This Masterclass offers the opportunity to interact with a skilled facilitato…
#SWDPHealthcare Conferences
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Improving Discharge Planning : There needs to be a community around discharge planners and case managers. Join us on April 18 1:30PM ET, 2013. Example…
#7daydischargeHealthcare Conferences
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This interactive conference focuses on ensuring early planning for discharge from hospital and delivering the recommendation to support patients to le…
#DischargeNHSHealthcare Conferences

This conference focuses on improving discharge planning and practice to reduce delayed transfer of care. Through national updates and practical case s…
#MFFW16Healthcare Conferences
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Managing Frailty the Fife Way, Thursday 17th March 2016. This event will allow NHS boards and health and social care partnerships to explore the healt…
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