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#kfleadHealthcare Conferences
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The King's Fund's annual leadership and management summit. Wednesday 20 May 2015. Aimed at senior health and social care leaders, this year's leadersh…
#colsomapsyHealthcare Conferences
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Vevey (Switzerland) held the first International Colloquium SomaPsy. This year Vic is hosting the second Colloquium with the collaboration of Consorci…
#eahm14Healthcare Conferences
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This is the 25th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM), the worlds largest association of it kind in the world.
#FORUMExpo15Healthcare Conferences
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The 2015 IHC FORUM & Expo. June 23-25, 2015. FORUM & Expo, produced by The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism, brings together all stakehold…
#ACHE2017Healthcare Conferences
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ACHE's Congress on Healthcare Leadership brings you the best in professional development, opportunities to network with and learn from peers, and the …
#BHSummit2019Healthcare Conferences
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Behavioral health integration and management has moved to the forefront for health plans. Now in its sixth year, this meeting brings together Health P…

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