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#myCANNXHealthcare Conferences

CannX Tel Aviv is the meeting point for global leaders in all areas of Medical Cannabis. First-hand knowledge and networks are essential in understand…
#UIC17Healthcare Conferences
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A three day event with renowned international & Australian speakers engaging the Health Sector on Medicinal Cannabis usage, with a heavy focus on …
#IMCC2017Healthcare Conferences

International Medical Conference on Cannabis and Cannabinoids is another step towards lege artis use of, and safe access to, medical cannabis. The mai…
#CannX18Healthcare Conferences
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CannX 2018, the 3rd International Medical Cannabis Conference, will be the central meeting point where global leaders in all areas of Medical Cannabis…
#medicannfrankfurtHealthcare Conferences

MEDICAL CANNABIS & CANNABINOIDS EU: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE Geopolitics and new legislation has generated major interest in medical cannabis wor…
#CannX19Healthcare Conferences

CannX 2019, taking place 9-10 September in Tel Aviv, is your access to the most relevant innovations, developments and opportunities in medical cannab…
#CannXHealthcare Conferences
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CannX Series present the latest and truly ground-breaking developments in medical cannabis research, business, agriculture and technology. Join us to …
#CannXLisbonHealthcare Conferences
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CannX is the leading international conference in medical cannabis. The conference is held in partnership with Cann10, the trusted global partner for m…

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