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#ACCCNOCHealthcare Conferences
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The ACCC 34th National Oncology Conference delivers big ideas, key strategies, and practical takeaways that will help transform how you deliver care. …
#icongroupHealthcare Conferences
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The Icon Group National Conference, Thursday March 10 brings together the companies under the Icon Group umbrella (Epic Pharmacy, Icon Cancer Care, Ra…
#epicfamilyHealthcare Conferences
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The Epic Pharmacy National Manager's Day, Tuesday September 8, brings together the Epic Pharmacy management teams from across Australia to discuss the…
#BCOPUpdates16Healthcare Conferences
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The HOPA Oncology Pharmacy Updates Course, led by an all-star group of faculty, is a live, interactive course that will cover new abd ongoing therapeu…
#HOPAPMP16Healthcare Conferences
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The 4th Annual HOPA Oncology Pharmacy Practice Management Program will help attendees increase pharmacy efficiency and safety in your practice. Learn …

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