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#HCSMTXHealthcare Conferences
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The Texas Hospital Association’s 2012 Health Care Social Media Summit is bringing an impressive line-up of national experts to Austin for a high…
#GIA15Healthcare Conferences
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The 2015 AAMC NPDC for Institutional Advancement—designed exclusively for alumni relations, communications, development, marketing, and public affai…
#CHPRMSHealthcare Conferences
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or over 30 years, CHPRMS has provided a forum for healthcare public relations and marketing professionals to sharpen their skills, share ideas and str…
#GIA16Healthcare Conferences
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The 2016 AAMC National Professional Development Conference for Institutional Advancement—designed exclusively for alumni relations, communications, …
#SHSMD15Healthcare Conferences
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SHSMD Connections lives up to its name by connecting you to ideas and best practices, recognized thought leaders, resources and solutions, and more th…
#SMHC2016Healthcare Conferences
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Join us for the preeminent social media conference for health care professionals in Ontario. Last year’s event had unprecedented reach, garnering ov…
#GIA17Healthcare Conferences
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This conference is designed for academic medicine professionals in alumni relations, communications, development, marketing and public affairs/communi…
#GIA18Healthcare Conferences
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The Group on Institutional Advancement (GIA) is the only national professional development group devoted exclusively to the role of institutional adva…
#GIA19Healthcare Conferences
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Whether you're a seasoned institutional advancement professional or new to your role, the Conference for Institutional Advancement is a career-changin…

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