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#wardaccreditationHealthcare Conferences
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This conference focuses on developing systems and processes for ward accreditation for quality. Ward accreditation can be used as a tool to encouragin…
#12ECFHealthcare Conferences
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The theme this year is “Promoting a culture of learning”. A clear message from our recent meetings is that CME should focus on high quality, relat…
#LowitjaCQIHealthcare Conferences
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Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) refers to a system of regular reflection and refinement to improve processes and outcomes that will provide quali…
#medoncCBDHealthcare Conferences
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Medical Oncology is one of the first disciplines in Canada moving to a competency-based model of education as part of the Royal College's Competence b…
#QualityAccreditationHealthcare Conferences
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This conference focuses on developing systems and processes for accreditation for quality. Accreditation can be used as a tool to encouraging ownershi…
#NLNSummit15Healthcare Conferences
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The NLN's 2015 Education Summit in Las Vegas ("Bridging Practice & Education: A New World of Innovation & Technology") offers nursing educator…
#8ECFHealthcare Conferences
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European CME Forum is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to bringing together all stakeholder groups with an interest in European Continuing Medi…
#9ECFHealthcare Conferences
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9th Annual European CME Forum, NH Barbizon Palace, Amsterdam, 9-11 Nov 2016 is a highly interactive meeting for all stakeholder groups to discuss and …

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