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#hrsm is a weekly, hour long Twitter chat for harm reduction workers interested in using social media as a part of their harm reduction practice. Chat…
#reducingrestrictionsHealthcare Conferences
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northern conference on reducing restrictive practice
#iMIA17Healthcare Conferences
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The 4th IMIA Conference will be held in Sydney from 24- 26 March 2017. A joint initiative of the RANZCP, RACP and RACGP, IMiA is the premier addiction…
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#EHRNConference2017Healthcare Conferences
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Participants will be able to assess the results, progress and prospects of the advocacy effort undertaken by civil society in order to achieve sustain…
#HR17Healthcare Conferences
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HR17, in Montreal. Moving towards a more forward-looking approach to drugs. We want HR17 to be the place where the people at the heart of the response…
#INHSU17Healthcare Conferences
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INHSU organizes an annual symposium to bring together health professionals (doctors, nurses and allied health), researchers, community organisations, …

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