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#TheResusTEEWorkshopHealthcare Conferences
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#SIMCUP2019Healthcare Conferences
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SIMCUP ITALIA 2019 is the fourth edition of the nationwide medical simulation competition for residents. It is organised and hosted by the Università…
#HowtoTeachHealthcare Conferences
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Apply educational theory to designing effective communication skills training (CST); describe key components of effective experiential CST sessions; u…
#IMSH2019Healthcare Conferences
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The International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) is a scientific conference that explores the latest innovations and best practices in hea…
#IMSH2017Healthcare Conferences
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IMSH 2017 in Orlando Florida, where "patients are the heart of simulation." #IMSH2017 is a celebration of the power and purpose of healthcare simulati…
#HowtoAssessHealthcare Conferences
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Topics include: importance of assessment, general assessment principles, formative vs summative assessment, suitability of different methods to differ…
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