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#SimSummit19Healthcare Conferences
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The Simulation Summit is a unique and practical, interprofessional medical simulation education conference, which attracts hundreds of international s…
#simcongressHealthcare Conferences
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Annual Australasian congress on simulation and modelling in healthcare, defense, industries and serious gaming. The congress delivers scientific conte…
#SG16AUSHealthcare Conferences
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SimGHOSTS 2016 Australia - July 5-8th. This specialized hands-on conference is a unique training meeting which allows for direct vendor engagements w…
#SG16UKHealthcare Conferences
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SimGHOSTS 2016: United Kingdom - July 18-20th. The Gathering Of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (SimGHOSTS) and The Association for Simu…
#SG16USAHealthcare Conferences
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SimGHOSTS 2016: United States - August 2-5th. Between wound creation in our moulage courses, to advanced networking workshops, to intense workgroup s…
#SG17USAHealthcare Conferences
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SimGHOSTS is working with Simulation Champion Dr. Amar Patel to bring the 2017 USA event next August 1st-4th to the WakeMed Center for Innovative Lear…
#sg14ausHealthcare Conferences
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The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, aka SimGHOSTS, is a 501c3 non-profit organization is dedicated to providing community s…
#SimOps2017Healthcare Conferences
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Join us as more than 200 healthcare simulation operation specialists, educators and technical professionals gather for SimOps 2017 at Michigan State U…

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