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#BehindTheHeadlinesHealthcare Conferences
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This event seeks to address the often conflicting priorities of the scientific community and the media; to look for ways in which the scientific commu…
#HCMMconfHealthcare Conferences
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This conference brings together individuals representing academia, public health researchers, and practitioners from federal and state government and …
#ahcj15Healthcare Conferences
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Health Journalism 2015 | The American Association of Healthcare Journalists 04/23/15 - 04/26/15 Santa Clara, CA Join hundreds of journalism collea…
#MHAconf16Healthcare Conferences
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MHA's 2016 Annual Conference: Media, Messaging and Mental Health will take an in-depth look at the impact and influence of media and the entertainment…
#CLTGuptaHealthcare Conferences

Named a "pop culture icon" by USA Today, Dr. Sanjay Gupta is perhaps the most media-savvy physician working today. Gupta is a broadcaster, writer, pod…
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#PRC7Healthcare Conferences
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Aim of conference is to improve the quality and credibility of scientific peer review and publication and to help advance the efficiency, effectivenes…
#totsntechHealthcare Conferences
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This expert panel covers what parents and childcare providers should know about the use of digital media for infants and toddlers. Child Trends senior…

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