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#NavigatingChangeHealthcare Conferences
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This meeting, themed “Anchored in Quality: Navigating Changing Currents in Health Care” will feature major plenary sessions that focus on …
#u21healthHealthcare Conferences
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The 2015 Universitas 21 Health Sciences Group annual meeting will be hosted by Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile in Santiago. This year's annua…
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#JDConf2019Healthcare Conferences
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The junior doctors conference takes place once a year and acts as the primary BMA policy setting body for junior doctors in the UK.
#TOHNWHealthcare Conferences
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This tag will be used for Nursing Week events at The Ottawa Hospital, across our social media platforms.
#APHC14Healthcare Conferences
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“Ways and Means: Teaching Professionalism Across the Health Care Spectrum." This year’s theme encourages participants to consider ways in which p…
#regulationconf15Healthcare Conferences
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The 8th annual regulatory conference in Scotland, bringing together the regulators of health and care professions within Scotland.

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