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#NavigatingChangeHealthcare Conferences
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This meeting, themed “Anchored in Quality: Navigating Changing Currents in Health Care” will feature major plenary sessions that focus on …
#JAMAMOCHealthcare Conferences
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JAMA editors, authors, and distinguished panelists come together for a discussion about what new data suggesting no association between MOC and clinic…
#APHC18Healthcare Conferences
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6th annual Academy for Professionalism in Health Care Conference will be held April 26 - 28, 2018 at the Embassy Suites Inner Harbor Hotel in Baltimor…
#HFSA2015Healthcare Conferences
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HFSA’s Annual Scientific Meeting is planned by and for cardiologists, nurses, pharmacists, and scientists, with all levels of expertise. The 2015 pr…
#APHC19Healthcare Conferences
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The 2019 APHC Annual Meeting will explore social justice education and practice across all healthcare professions across the U.S. and internationally.…
#GMCconfHealthcare Conferences

The 2016 General Medical Council conference will bring together people from across UK healthcare – including doctors, patients, employers and educat…
#heat2015Healthcare Conferences
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The 4th annual Hull Education and Training Event is taking place on Friday 26th June 2015. This years programme is dedicated to 'Improving Patient Car…

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