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#SocMedUONHealthcare Conferences
This is the tag for a workshop to be held at The University of Newcastle on 28th October 2014, teaching Academics, Professional Staff, and Research Hi…
#researchtranslation17Healthcare Conferences
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Under the theme "The Butterfly Effect: Translating Knowledge into Action for Positive Change", the Symposium will be an opportunity to bring relevant …
#researchintopolicyHealthcare Conferences
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The Lowitja Institute Knowledge Translation Forum will profile effective knowledge translation in Indigenous health, with the theme "Community priorit…
#CREHealthEquityHealthcare Conferences
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The NHMRC CRE in the Social Determinants of Health Equity will present the key findings from its 5-year research program at its final symposium.
#7rrhssHealthcare Conferences
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The 7th Rural and Remote Health Scientific Symposium will bring together the rural and remote health research sector with policy makers and others in …

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