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#pasm17Healthcare Conferences
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The Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Meeting brings together thousands of pediatricians and other health care providers united by a common mission: …
#EMQCommunityHealthcare Conferences
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The East Midlands QI Network is made up of individuals working in the field of quality improvement. Its aim is to better understand and improve capaci…
#7rrhssHealthcare Conferences
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The 7th Rural and Remote Health Scientific Symposium will bring together the rural and remote health research sector with policy makers and others in …
#Twitter2TenureHealthcare Conferences
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A panel discussion about the use of social media in academic medicine. Panelists: Michelle Lin, MD Jessica Schumer, MD Alex Smith, MD Eric Widera, …
#BAUS15Healthcare Conferences
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This year's British Association of Urological Surgeons Annual Scientific Meeting will be held in Manchester 15th - 18th June. We are fortunate to have…

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