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#VdGMDublinHealthcare Conferences
Vasco de Gama movement celebrates his second forum in the beautiful city of Dublin. Many aspects of the primary care all over the world are going to b…
#Waynakay2015Healthcare Conferences
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First Prexonference for the Iberoamerican Young Doctor Movement - Waynakay. This is for Family Medicine junior staff, Family Medicine residents, and …
#wonca2015Healthcare Conferences
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WONCA Europe 2015 will be held in Istanbul, at the Halic Congress Center, from the 22nd to the 25th of October 2015. The preconference, organized by t…
#vdgmpre16Healthcare Conferences
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VdGM Pre-conference: For young family doctors with heads and hearts Find more on vdgm.eu and woncaeurope2016.com (Young Doctors tab).
#4vdgmfHealthcare Conferences
Find more on vdgm.eu.
#5vdgmfHealthcare Conferences
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The 5th Vasco da Gama Movement Forum will be held in Porto, Portugal. The theme is “Stronger together: charting the course to navigate the future”…
#vdgmpre18Healthcare Conferences
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VdGM annual pre-conference featuring events for junior family doctors from Europe and across the globe.

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