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#MedInternaHUNHealthcare Conferences
Annual meeting in Internal Medicine organized by the residents of IM from Universidad del norte, Barranquilla - Colombia.
#SAMBristolHealthcare Conferences
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The 2015 Spring meeting of the Society for Acute Medicine will take place in the Bristol Marriott hotel from 7-8th May. This year's event features a…
#3congresouninorteHealthcare Conferences
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Annual meeting in Internal Medicine organized by the residents of Internal Medicine from the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla Colombia
#wonca2015Healthcare Conferences
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WONCA Europe 2015 will be held in Istanbul, at the Halic Congress Center, from the 22nd to the 25th of October 2015. The preconference, organized by t…
#GPForum16Healthcare Conferences
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The RSM's GP Forum is back for another year, this time we will be exploring; men's health, infection and HIV and prescribing.
#rgpas16Healthcare Conferences
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RGPAS16 will bring together students, trainees, new doctors and established GPs from across Scotland and beyond, who want to share an interest and pas…
#rcpeolder17Healthcare Conferences
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International course on Medicine of the Older Adult at Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh
#rcpePreston17Healthcare Conferences
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Regional Symposium: Preston Thursday 23 November 2017 This year's RCPE Regional Symposium: Preston covers a wide range of topics in acute and general …
#G4J14Healthcare Conferences
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G4J is a one-day conference, designed for Foundation Doctors and Core Medical Trainees, with relevant and useful clinical updates related to the care …

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