Associated Trending Terms

Trending Terms is a great tool that allows you to view the most used terms over a given period of time across your selected datasets. Now with our most recent release, you are able to see which of those terms are related to one another in the new “Associated Terms” view.

A relationship between the terms is formed when they are found and used together in the same tweet or tweets. We are able to detect that and determine the connection between those words using the same method as Network Analysis.

In the “Associated Terms” view, the related terms are grouped together in clusters, each with its own unique color. Please note that the color coding of these bubbles does not have any inherent meaning other than to distinguish between other related terms. These bubble colors can be easily changed by accessing the Settings icon and clicking on “Randomize colors” to cycle through different sets of colors.

Changing colors of the bubbles.

You can still access the Tweet Transcript of each term when you click on each bubble and you filter the terms by stakeholder category.

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