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#HHcampHealthcare Conferences
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Hacking Health Camp est un évènement international sur 4 jours qui vise à briser les barrières de l’innovation en santé. Un évènement à dest…
#EcoWebProjectHealthcare Conferences
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The ECoWeB Project has developed and disseminated a mobile application (App) to provide engaging and personalized tools and psychological skills to pr…
#nhssmHealthcare Tweet Chats
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A weekly chat on how the NHS is using and could be using social media and digital communications. Wednesdays, 8-9pm GMT.
#esaludASTHealthcare Conferences
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Un abrazo a la esalud en Asturias”, un sugerente sobrenombre para las I Jornadas sobre esalud en Asturias, organizadas por la marca Salud Social Med…
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#mHealthPharmaHealthcare Tweet Chats
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#mHealthPharma is a live Twitter chat to discuss how the pharmaceutical industry can develop high quality mobile health apps. Moderated by PharmaGuy (…
#digihealthhackHealthcare Conferences
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The first Digital Health Conference and Hack, held in Leeds on 29th and 30th June 2012. Co-producing digital and social media solutions to service re-…
#esAST15Healthcare Conferences
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"Health Management in empowered patient´s era" 2nd edition of ehealth Conference in Asturias, organized by “Salud Social Media” and Colleges of…
#mednewmHealthcare Conferences
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Bournemouth University's Centre of Postgraduate Medical Research & Education ninth annual conference. Theme of Medicine and the new media. M…

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