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#hackathonsaludHealthcare Conferences
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Health Hackathon in Google Campus (Madrid -Spain) with participation of Health professionals, patients, developers, designers, etc. to create programm…
#HHcampHealthcare Conferences
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Hacking Health Camp est un évènement international sur 4 jours qui vise à briser les barrières de l’innovation en santé. Un évènement à dest…
#livappHealthcare Conferences
The development of Healthcare Apps, whether focussing on the power of social media to inform, engage and empower patients or as a vehicle for safe, ef…
#TSM2016Healthcare Conferences
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Chaque année, cet événement devenu incontournable rassemble plus de 500 personnes et contribue à promouvoir l'apport des applications mobiles en s…
#ERBAOTStudyDayHealthcare Conferences
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Study day in Cambridge. Talks by #OTalk on tweeting and social network; HPCP and CPD workshops.
#hcub13Healthcare Conferences
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Forrester Research coined the term “Healthcare Unbound” to encompass the trends toward technology aided self care, mobile care and home ca…
#isyscore2017Healthcare Conferences
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Por tercer año consecutivo hemos evaluado una muestra de Apps disponibles en el mercado y presentamos nuestra selección de las mejores. No te pierda…
#SMWChiHealthHealthcare Conferences
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The Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) hosts this yearly event in concert with Social Media Week Chicago where this global event aims to provi…
#mHealthBCN18Healthcare Conferences
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mHealth BCN Conference es una jornada de actualización anual en sobre mejores prácticas en mHealth co.organizada entre la Fundación iSYS y la CAM…

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