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#MillennialMonHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Millennial Monday (#MillennialMon) takes places each Monday on Twitter at 3pm ET.
#YTHLiveHealthcare Conferences
YTHLive Annual Conference on Youth+Tech+Health
7th April 2013 – 9th April 2013
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YTH Live 2013 is a two-day annual conference that brings health and technology professionals together with youth, parents and community leaders to adv…
#connect14Healthcare Conferences
20th February 2014 – 21st February 2014
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How can technology be used to improve the health and wellbeing of young people? Conference of the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre, Melbourn…
#CAPHC2012Healthcare Conferences
Insight into Child & Youth Healthcare: Improving System Performance Using Information, Integration and Innovation
28th October 2012 – 31st October 2012
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This year’s conference program will highlight the emergence of new models of care and the needs, challenges and innovative strategies aimed at i…
#YMHNHealthcare Conferences
Youth Mental Health Summit
6th November 2012
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The YMHN summits are a real opportunity to push our mental health services forward, to grasp opportunities in ways we have at times struggled to do in…
#YTHLive14Healthcare Conferences
YTH Live 2014 | youth + tech + health Conference
6th April 2014 – 8th April 2014
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YTH Live is the premier forum for health and technology innovations to advance the wellbeing of children, teens, young adults, and vulnerable/underser…
#WAD2013ESAHealthcare Conferences
The ESA initiative: Towards an HIV-free future for young people in Eastern and Southern Africa
2nd December 2013
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On December 2, GIZ and BMZ will host an event at the GIZ representation in Berlin to publicly support, and move forward, the so-called ESA initiative …
#improvesystemsHealthcare Tweet Chats
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This Twitter chat will share ideas on how to improve Ontario's mental health and addictions systems for children, youth, and adults.
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