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#telemedHealthcare Conferences

This year as medical apps are coming of age, the focus on the critical aspects of mainstreaming them, in particular the various UK and EU regulatory i…
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#EcoWebProjectHealthcare Conferences
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The ECoWeB Project has developed and disseminated a mobile application (App) to provide engaging and personalized tools and psychological skills to pr…
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#nops2013Healthcare Conferences
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The National Oncology Pharmacy Symposium (NOPS 2013), a leading edge annual educational event produced by CAPhO (Canadian Association of Pharmacy in O…
#rsmami16Healthcare Conferences
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Medical apps have now become so much a symbol of digital health innovation that they are blazing a path for innovative technology in general to improv…
#rsmami17Healthcare Conferences
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This meeting aims to encourage forward-thinking clinicians to consider medical apps when deciding on an appropriate intervention and aims to reduce th…
#RSMMedApp18Healthcare Conferences
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The purpose of this meeting is to educate forward-thinking clinicians about the benefits of using medical apps to improve patient outcomes and reduce …

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