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#CarePathwaysHealthcare Conferences
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#ECPC13Healthcare Conferences
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The european pathway association and the Scottish Pathway Association organise the European Care Pathway Conference in Glasgow. More info on http://ww…
#NKPprijsHealthcare Conferences
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Competition for the most impressive and innovative care pathway project from the Dutch Belgian Netwerk for Clinical Pathways 2013. 6 projects are sele…
#25AECHealthcare Conferences
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Alzheimer Europe's 25th annual conference, on “Dementia: putting strategies and research into practice” looked to identify ways strategies and res…
#26AECHealthcare Conferences
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Alzheimer Europe’s 26th annual conference, is around the theme “Excellence in dementia research and care”. Registrations will open in 2016 via w…
#ActionOnFallsHealthcare Conferences
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The first meeting of the SAS Falls and Frailty Pathways national Action Group.
#carepathwaysMHHealthcare Conferences
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This event will discuss current developments and future trends in quality improvement in mental health services and address policy issues. The day wil…
#MedVisPFHealthcare Conferences
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Product Forge is running the Medical Visualisation Product Forge hackathon with Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems Europe and Scottish Health Innov…

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