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#31AECHealthcare Conferences
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Our conference, “Resilience in dementia: Moving beyond the COVID-19 pandemic”, aims to showcase how people with dementia, their carers, Alzheimer…
#WMAGA14Healthcare Conferences
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World Medical Association (WMA) General Assembly, Oct 7-11, Durban, South Africa. Website:…
#ANMFDels15Healthcare Conferences
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Annual Conference of Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Victoria Branch. Discussing current issues and future directions for the branch and i…
#25AECHealthcare Conferences
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Alzheimer Europe's 25th annual conference, on “Dementia: putting strategies and research into practice” looked to identify ways strategies and res…
#26AECHealthcare Conferences
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Alzheimer Europe’s 26th annual conference, is around the theme “Excellence in dementia research and care”. Registrations will open in 2016 via w…
#peoplesforum2015Healthcare Conferences
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The Peoples' Forum brings groups from across the corporate accountability movement together to review progress and achievements from the past year and…
#GLMA2015Healthcare Conferences
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This year’s conference theme is Reaching New Heights in LGBT Health (e)Quality. With new innovations and clinical best practices over the past year,…
#ACMHN2018Healthcare Conferences
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Australian College of Mental Health Nurses will hold their 44th ‪International Mental Health Nursing Conference‬ in Cairns, Queensland. The theme …

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