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#APACForumHealthcare Conferences
APAC Forum
12th September 2016 – 14th September 2016
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The APAC Forum is Asia Pacific’s premier healthcare conference, managed by Ko Awatea, the centre for health system innovation and improvement at Auc…
#CoPro16Healthcare Conferences
NHS England People's Transformathon
28th November 2016
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The People’s Transformathon is a fantastic FREE event online and available to anyone across the world. Bringing together patients, carers, servic…
#TowardsRecoveryHealthcare Conferences
VicServe's Mental Health Conference
19th May 2016 – 20th May 2016
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VicServe's biennial conference attracts approximately 1000 attendees over two days representing mental health service providers, consumers and carers …
#VibrantHealth17Healthcare Conferences
Vibrant Health: Building Healthy Sustainable Futures Together
20th July 2017 – 21st July 2017
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This two day appreciative inquiry summit is will provide creative opportunities for participants to co-design sustainable solutions to some of the hea…

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