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#NavigatingHealthHealthcare Conferences
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Community members, people with lived experience, carers, mental health advocates, service providers, policy makers and health professionals will parti…
#OXAandH18Healthcare Conferences
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This symposium event brings together nurses, midwives, allied health professionals , researchers and educators to explore how arts and humanities can …
#SEMOSP18Healthcare Conferences
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Our 5th regional Suicide Prevention and Awareness conference. We will focus on suicide prevention efforts, helping those who have suicide loss, attemp…
#voicehearingUoYHealthcare Conferences
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The aim of the conference is to provide opportunities to think about how we make sense of voice hearing , reflect on therapeutic practices and provide…
#MHLivedExperienceHealthcare Conferences
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Forum on mental health and lived experience, hosted by Mental Health Victoria and the Victorian Healthcare Association
#EquallyWellAu22Healthcare Conferences
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Equally Well Australia will be hosting the second Equally Well Symposium at the Gold Coast campus of Griffith University. Experts from the United Ki…

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