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#MyNeedIsHealthcare Conferences
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Tech & Design for Children’s Health Innovation Day We are inviting clinicians, patients and parents to Dr Moon’s Inventing Room to work with …
#ACPcfaHealthcare Conferences
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The first of three interactive workshops, in which participants will learn about the emerging examples of good practice and help influence the future …
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#EMLTCHealthcare Conferences
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Transforming Long Term Conditions through innovation workshops. 24th January 2017, Hilton East Midlands Airport Hotel. Working with health and social …
#fallschatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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A one day event in Kent, UK bringing together health and social care professionals with members of the public to debate the issue of preventing falls …
#PCPconfHealthcare Conferences
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The Patient Centred Prescribing Conference brings together health & social care professionals, clinicians, managers, commissioners & health po…
#SelfCare14Healthcare Conferences
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National conference on Self Care in the UK and its enablement through digital and social media. Kings Fund, June 6th 2014. Organised by dallas and the…

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