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#patientactivationHealthcare Conferences
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Patient activation summit for hospitals, health systems, health plans, pharmaceutical companies and other health care providers focusing on strategies…
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#HPFTRecoveryHealthcare Conferences
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The theme of this year's conference is co-production and focuses on the value of partnership work and providing opportunities for shared power and dec…
#ESCAPEpain2020Healthcare Conferences
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The event is aimed at organisations with an interest in implementing ESCAPE-pain, as well as those who are already committed to the Programme, and wil…
#ALMA_2013Healthcare Conferences
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The Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association are proud to present the 5th Annual Conference on Lifestyle Medicine from 13th-15th September, 2013. Bri…
#ILF2014Healthcare Conferences
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International Lymphoedema Framework Conference 5th - 7th June 2014 at University of Glasgow has an emphasis on practice rather than being a scientific…
#selfhealth2014Healthcare Conferences
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CoM's summer school brings together students from over 14 different disciplines (from podiatry to medicine, nursing to social work) together with serv…
#LiveCOPDHealthcare Tweet Chats
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On World COPD Day, at 20:00 on 19 November, the British Lung Foundation will also be holding, with the Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists (A…
#eoeselfcareHealthcare Conferences
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Embracing Self-Care, One Year On is a one day event that is bringing together citizens, the NHS and industry to see what opportunities there are local…

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