Select specific tweets for analysis or exclusion

Once in a blue moon you may find a tweet from some celebrity or spammer that creates a lot of noise in an otherwise quality healthcare conversation. We now have a precision tool to surgically remove such a tweet including all tweets associated with it like replies, quote tweets or retweets.
Enterprise users can simply hover over a tweet and hit the Filter option that appear next to the Tweet History and Tagging options.

The second use case is the reverse. What if you want to analyze one or more specific tweets only? Now you can do that and you will see all the data and visualizations we provide around that tweet including the engagements around it (replies, quote tweets or retweets).

Filter Tweets

Audun Utengen - @audvin

Sharing research from the Healthcare Social Graph®. Co-founder of @symplur. Advisor to @MayoClinicSMN. ❤️ #Parkinsons, #Schizophrenia, #PancreaticCancer

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