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#EMLTCHealthcare Conferences
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Transforming Long Term Conditions through innovation workshops. 24th January 2017, Hilton East Midlands Airport Hotel. Working with health and social …
#empoweringengagementHealthcare Conferences
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Showcase to demonstrate progress and success of cohort 2 of the North East Hampshire and Farnham CCG Empowering Engagement Programme.
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#WeComsersHealthcare Tweet Chats
For this first @WeCommissioners chat we want to talk about collaboration in commissioning. We intend on this chat being open to discuss any element of…
#kf2014Healthcare Conferences
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This year's annual conference will feature proven, high-impact approaches to improving health care delivery that will provide you with inspiration and…
#kfpc14Healthcare Conferences
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Aimed at CCGs, general practices, and community care providers this conference will present lessons from organisations that are working together to de…
#UKHIFHealthcare Conferences
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Structured, interactive and intelligent discussion between senior industry experts is seen as the key approach to improving patient services across th…
#CHCactionHealthcare Conferences
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CHC costs are spiralling at a time when health service funding cannot keep pace with demand.
#bristoldementiaHealthcare Conferences
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Bristol Dementia Conference Hosted by Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group in partnership with the Alzheimer's Society and hosted by Professor Alista…

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