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#1000livesHealthcare ConferencesA New Mindset for NHS Wales - 1000 Lives Plus National Learning Event
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Liberty Stadium, Swansea The publication of the Francis report, the reconfiguration of our health services, the ongoing financial challenges for the NHS and changes in population health are all creating a catalyst for change. We know changes need to be … Continued

#acehpfc13Healthcare ConferencesAlliance Fall Conference
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Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions Fall Conference Boarding Flight 2020: Advancing Quality Improvement in Health Care From research to inform improvements in practice and patient care to innovations, collaborations, and effective technologies that advance health care to … Continued

#AHRQIXHealthcare Tweet Chats, , , , , , ,

Join us on Twitter Tuesday, September 10, at 3:00 pm ET for a live TweetChat with Dr. Victoria Rogers, Director of the Kids CO-OP at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center. We will discuss how the Let’s … Continued

#ANAQualityConf15Healthcare Conferences2015 American Nurses Association Quality Conference
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National conference dedicated to the role of nurses in quality improvement at hospitals and other care facilities. The 2015 American Nurses Association Quality Conference from Feb 4-6, 2015 explores the changing landscape of quality and patient safety and reveals the … Continued

#asklistentalkHealthcare ConferencesCanada's Virtual Forum on Patient Safety & Quality Improvement / Canadian Patient Safety Week

Canada’s Virtual Forum is 20 hours of live presentations and panel discussions delivered by leaders and experts in healthcare and patient safety streamed online throughout the week (four hours a day) Canadian Patient Safety Week is a national annual campaign … Continued

#BPS2015Healthcare ConferencesBristol Patient Safety Conference 2015
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Bristol Patient Safety Conference 2015 will take place on 15th May 2015 following a very successful first year.

#BPSC2014Healthcare ConferencesBristol Patient Safety Conference
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Bristol Patient Safety Conference 2014 to be held at Engineer’s House, Clifton, Bristol on 16th May 2014 . Celebrates successes in patient safety across the South West of England and further afield. A mix of plenary talks and workshops led … Continued

#CarePathwaysHealthcare ConferencesCare Pathways for Quality Improvement: Learning from the Liverpool Care Pathway
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http://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/care-pathways-for-quality-improvement @HCUK_Clare

#CP4ACSRegular, , , , ,
#cprperformanceRegular, , , ,
#CQCInspectionHealthcare ConferencesPreparing for & learning from the new CQC Inspections in Hospitals
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This conference aims to provide a practical guide to preparing for and learning from the new Care Quality Commission inspections in hospitals. http://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/cqc-inspections-in-hospitals @HCUK_Clare

#CSIM2013Healthcare ConferencesCanadian Society of Internal Medicine 2013
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Canadian Society of Internal Medicine Annual Meeting from Oct 2 – 5, 2013 in Toronto Canada. Feature conference theme = GIM: Leading Quality Improvement. http://www.csim.ca/index.php/en/2013

#FMLMnorthHealthcare ConferencesFMLM North of England Regional Improvement Conference, Leeds, UK
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FMLM North of England is delighted to announce the inaugural Regional Improvement Conference in Leeds General Infirmary. 2 June 2014. From Sheffield Microsystems, and human behaviour health psychology to the NHS Change Model, this is a unique opportunity for learning … Continued

#Health2BrumRegular, , , , , , ,
#HISreviewHealthcare ConferencesHealthcare Improvement Scotland Annual Review
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A public review of the performance of Healthcare Improvement Scotland. An opportunity to engage with senior staff about how it has worked to improve the quality of patient care in Scotland in the last year.

#hospmed14Healthcare ConferencesHospital Medicine 2014
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Hospital Medicine 2014 (HM14) is the largest national conference solely focused on hospital medicine, offering a wealth of educational and networking opportunities in a broad range of subjects. Re-energize and focus your practice with the latest research, best practices, most … Continued

#HRO2014Healthcare ConferencesHigh Reliability Organizing - 8th international conference
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The International HRO Conference series is a widely attended event with global attendance and a wide spectrum of industry participants, representing healthcare, petrochemical industry, all forms of transportation, public safety, and business. This conference brings together practitioners who share their … Continued

#icnlsHealthcare ConferencesImproveCareNow Learning Session
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The ImproveCareNow Learning Session brings together all 44 care centers to learn from one another and collaborate face-to-face for one weekend in Chicago. Patients and parents as well as clinicians and researchers are in attendance. www.ImproveCareNow.org

#iHealth14Healthcare ConferencesiHealth 2014 Conference
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iHealth 2014 Conference is hosted by AMIA and Academy Health. iHealth is for C-suite decision makers, nurse executives and other clinicians charged with improving outcomes and lowering costs.The practice-focused program demonstrates how informatics principles are applied to information systems within … Continued

#ihi24forumHealthcare Conferences24th Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Healthcare.
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Considered a premier “meeting place,” this event will unite you with thousands of health care leaders from around the world and allow you to engage in hundreds of defining moments that will shape the future of health care quality. It … Continued

#LTMADRegular, , , , ,

To discuss the Learning to Make a Difference Programme.

#NCF2014Healthcare ConferencesNational Care Forum: Bringing Quality to Life
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National Care Forum 2014 looks at Bringing Quality to Life. CEOs of not-for-profit health and social care providers will explore regulatory and inspection changes, commissioning, the role of social media, state of the charitable sector and future for residential care. … Continued

#NHSactionHealthcare ConferencesAction Planning
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This conference focuses on developing effective Action Planning to change practice following an incident, clinical audit, risk management issue or quality improvement initiative. Action planning is a key tool in implementing national policy and recommendations into practice, it is essential … Continued

#NHSBoardsHealthcare ConferencesBoard Assurance for Quality
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Implementing the recommendations from the Francis Inquiry: • is your board assurance system up to scratch • early warning systems for poor or deteriorating performance • board accountability and assurance in practice • using clinical and performance dashboards effectively at … Continued

#NKPprijsHealthcare ConferencesPrijs Klinische Paden 2013
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Competition for the most impressive and innovative care pathway project from the Dutch Belgian Netwerk for Clinical Pathways 2013. 6 projects are selected to present their outcomes on October 10th. Presentations are judged by an expert jury. Next to the … Continued

Digital Scholar Initiative - University of Southern California
Mayo Clinic Transform Symposium 2014