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#HePMAHealthcare Conferences
This National Conference will focus on the optimisation of Hospital Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (HePMA) . The conference will…
#47MillerMedHealthcare Conferences
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This long running symposium is a review of primary care medicine intended for family physicians, internists and general practitioners. It also may be …
#NMPMentalHealthcare Conferences
This conference will look at national developments in nurse prescribing in mental health, improving and maintaining prescribing competence and the use…
#SafeRX4KidsHealthcare Conferences
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Purpose: To provide updates on several local and international developments in pediatric drug prescribing Including; Cutting-edge presentations by in…
#EMSocialPrescribingHealthcare Conferences
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This Social Prescribing Networking Event on 23 May 2019 is aimed at East Midlands wide providers of social prescribing, or those planning to deliver t…
#NMPrescribingMentalHealthcare Conferences
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This conference focuses on the important issue of Nurse/Non Medical Prescribing in Mental Health. The conference will look at national developments in…
#OROLaunchHealthcare Conferences
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The Opioid Reduction Options (ORO) Program in the Emergency Department (ED) ultimately seeks to prevent overdose deaths and to curb the impact this ep…

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