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#HairCoachHealthcare Conferences
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Quarterly hands-on training program for medical and beauty professionals to learn how to scientifically evaluate, treat and track hair loss, hair regr…
#ISQua2023Healthcare Conferences
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Together with our partners, KoSQua, HIRA, and KOIHA, ISQua is delighted to host our 39th International Conference in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Once a …
#2016TPPHealthcare Conferences
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The 2016 TPP conference, "Connecting the Dots: Collaborating to Achieve Lasting Impacts for Youth," will focus on ways federal grantees can strengthen…
#TGME17Healthcare Conferences
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The Generalists in Medical Education welcome basic scientists, clinicians, and other educators interested in medical education. We are educators who t…
#SWAHSN12DaysHealthcare Conferences
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12 Day Twitter advent calendar Campaign to give away 'gifts of knowledge'.
#ideal2018Healthcare Conferences
International Conference on surgical innovation and evaluation
#NFICI18Healthcare Conferences
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A National Forum bringing together patients, healthcare professionals, managers, policy makers and academics to cocreate and exchange knowledge on int…
#SM_REHealthcare Conferences
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On April 25, 2013, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will host a working meeting of lead evaluation staff from 10 national foundations, evaluators, a…
#ISQua2019Healthcare Conferences
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The theme for this year's conference is ‘Innovate, Implement, Improve: Beating the Drum for Safety, Quality & Equity’. ISQua’s conferences…

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