Product Updates – from Symplur Signals and the Healthcare Social Graph

Clinical Trials Data

We owe so much to clinical trials and particularly those who participate in them, the pandemic has made all of us intimately more aware of their value. At Symplur, we’re … Continued

Associated Trending Terms

Trending Terms is a great tool that allows you to view the most used terms over a given period of time across your selected datasets. Now with our most recent … Continued

Network Analysis Advancements

The Network Analysis widget has been upgraded with new features, including Community Detection functionality, and a new user interface for network graph settings. New Button: Network Analysis Settings We have … Continued

Explore API Query Everywhere

For every widget in the dashboard, Enterprise customers now have access to the actual API request used for pulling in the data for the widget. By clicking on “API Query” … Continued

New algorithm for Network Analysis

In our continual efforts to improve our results and deliver relevant data, we have made the following updates to the Network Analysis: Rank by “SymplurRank” is used by default to … Continued

Tweet Transcript

Tweet Transcript is a new feature for the Trending Terms widget accessible when you click one of the term bubbles. The dashboard app will load all the tweets and retweets … Continued

New options for Network Analysis

The Network Analysis graph has been updated with brand new options that affect the generation of the network chart based on the combination of the options selected. The first set … Continued

New Chart Types

The following new chart types are now available for the Engagement Activity chart: Area (Stacked or Non-Stacked) Area Spline (Stacked or Non-Stacked) Column (Stacked or Non-Stacked) Line (Stacked or Non-Stacked) … Continued

Follower Audience Analysis

We have updated the Follower Audience widget to include the generation of a new ‘audience graph.’ This new graph is an optimal way to view the composition of the followers … Continued

New Sentiment Analysis

We are very excited to announce the release of three major updates to the Sentiment Analysis widget. The Sentiment Algorithm The first update is entirely “under-the-hood” — the overhaul of … Continued

New graph: Tweet History

Tweet History is a new data graph that is available now for Enterprise clients. This new data graph allows you to view the retweets, quotes, and replies of a particular … Continued

New feature: Table View

In your Dashboard you can now switch to Table view on each widget – giving you additional tools for you to sort and filter the data. To switch to this … Continued